Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jory's 1st birthday

This party started it all.
Growing up my Mom made & decorated all our cakes. So when my son turned 1, I started researching and decided on a whale theme for his party, determined to make it memorable and fun. I don't do cutesy and am pretty much terrified of using licensed characters for any party.

I spent hours looking for ideas and invites and thinking of ways to make the ideas I saw different, make them unique. I wish more people did this! It makes it so much more special, spending that little bit of time to make your banner or decorate your cupcakes. No one says it has to be perfect, just from the heart.

I made everything except the letters on his banner & the personalized napkins. And you bet I'm super proud of that! Admittedly, I went overboard (ha!) but it was worth it to me. You only turn 1 once!

invite (details were printed on back of whale):

door sign:

dessert table:

homemade macarons & chocolate covered pretzels:

personalized napkins:

cake (homemade fondant):

birthday boy:

cake inside (fun surprise!):

mini cupcake favors:

table decor (blue gelatin + whale):