Tuesday, January 22, 2013

sports cakes

Here are 2 sports cakes I did recently.

This one was for my 3 year old nephew who loves soccer. Between piping the grass with Wilton grass tip and stars all over the ball, whew was my hand crampy! I used the Wilton ball pan mold, and once again, put green sprinkles in for surprise fun when you cut it open. The hardest thing about this was getting the soccer pattern right. I googled cake decorating and soccer pattern & got shapes I could print out. I think placed on the cake & piped the red around the surrounding holes, gradually filling it all in. Contrary to popular belief (mine, anyhow), they are not all the same size - some have 5 sides and some have 6.

Looks cool though!

Here is one for an old neighbor friend's kid. He loves hockey & soccer and these are his team numbers and colors (green/grey/black). She of course said simple and this is what I did, I can't help myself, I get ideas & I like to go with it. The ball, hockey stick & puck are made out of gum paste. He loves it, so I consider it a win.

twins' cakes

I was excited because this was the first year my neighbor did 2 cakes for the twins & she asked me to make them.

For the girl I suggested one of my childhood faves, a doll cake. I distinctly remember getting one as a little girl & I loved it. I was happy to help out, with pink and (edible) glitter aplenty. Her vanilla cake was shades of pink as well - I love surprises inside cakes. Especially for kids. If I had a girl, she'd be dressed in glittery stuff all the time. And probably animal print. So any excuse to use glitter I will.My usual cake place was out of doll pics so I bought a cheap Barbie & took her clothes off & wrapped her in Saran. (Who knows what chemicals are on cheap plastic dolls).  I wish I could show you the saran-wrapped doll but I didn't take any pics.

I piped on a bodice & stars as a headband/tiara type thing so it was all cohesive. Isn't she awesome? Imagine cutting into her ombre pink cake! I don't have any pics, sadly one of the problems of baking for people whose party you aren't invited to...

This pic shows the actual pink better.

The boy loved Superman and I ran with the idea, making a Wilton candy melts plaque of the famous S. I made 2 plaques, it was a learning curve. I piped it on parchment placed over an S printout so I could follow the lines. I used blue icing in his cake too, (blue teeth!) but what kid doesn't love colored frosting? I used gum paste for the stars and stuck them on wires.

And here they are together...