Tuesday, January 22, 2013

twins' cakes

I was excited because this was the first year my neighbor did 2 cakes for the twins & she asked me to make them.

For the girl I suggested one of my childhood faves, a doll cake. I distinctly remember getting one as a little girl & I loved it. I was happy to help out, with pink and (edible) glitter aplenty. Her vanilla cake was shades of pink as well - I love surprises inside cakes. Especially for kids. If I had a girl, she'd be dressed in glittery stuff all the time. And probably animal print. So any excuse to use glitter I will.My usual cake place was out of doll pics so I bought a cheap Barbie & took her clothes off & wrapped her in Saran. (Who knows what chemicals are on cheap plastic dolls).  I wish I could show you the saran-wrapped doll but I didn't take any pics.

I piped on a bodice & stars as a headband/tiara type thing so it was all cohesive. Isn't she awesome? Imagine cutting into her ombre pink cake! I don't have any pics, sadly one of the problems of baking for people whose party you aren't invited to...

This pic shows the actual pink better.

The boy loved Superman and I ran with the idea, making a Wilton candy melts plaque of the famous S. I made 2 plaques, it was a learning curve. I piped it on parchment placed over an S printout so I could follow the lines. I used blue icing in his cake too, (blue teeth!) but what kid doesn't love colored frosting? I used gum paste for the stars and stuck them on wires.

And here they are together...

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