Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jory's owl moon 2nd birthday party

A longtime online friend passed away from cancer in September 2011 at a very young age. She had an obsession with owls. I can't help but think she played a part in me introducing owls to my son since she was on my mind so much this Fall. Thank you for your inspiration from above, Diane Naegel. ♥

Jory loves them so combining 2 of his fave things - owls & moons - for his 2nd birthday theme seemed like a great idea. I made a pinterest board for inspiration & it helped immensely. I'm now officially addicted to it!

I made 2 flavors of cake - vanilla, colored vanilla (always a hit), and chocolate. I baked on Wednesday night & froze them so I could assemble on Friday night. I highly recommend baking in advance, it's easier to carve & one less thing to worry about.

invite - printed the text on plain white cards, cut out the rest

cake ready for assembly


inspiration for carving

messy but carved

crumb coated

my feather technique - pipe dots, smash with the round part of a spoon (found similar technique on pinterest)

owl feet (people loved this touch)

welcome sign - made with leftover letters & paper

table (minus all the food, oops, got busy). How cute is that owl fabric?
I need to find something to make with it so he can remember it.

The night sky backdrop my husband made - thrift store sheet,
clearance tie dye kit at Michaels & glitter spray for the galaxies.

galaxy detail:

I also had the husband cut out & spray a crescent moon:

Owl lanterns - I got the idea off pinterest

Owl lantern tree - branches from the backyard, pebbles are some
long lost craft project I found in the basement

I had my husband cut out a giant 2, then blew up balloons & poked through. Love this idea!

owl, moon & J cookies

cheese & pineapple hedgehog (an English birthday tradition).
Bought owl cutouts on etsy & glued to toothpicks.

Homemade cheez-its (more like flaky cheese crackers, but in a cute moon shape).
I used my Mom's 1970s canape cutters - which I think is awesome.
Retro baking items are my most treasured possessions, especially from family.

Got the lanterns off Paperlanternstore.com, banner is fabric I bought &
cut out in pennant shapes. I used premade letters on the banner.

Favors - I bought molds at my local cake & candy supply, painted & filled molds.
I designed & printed the labels as well.

favor crayons (off etsy):

favor bags - I packaged the crayons, had bubbles with his face on them,
owl stickers, and sewed little bags with my banner fabrics:

and last but not least - the cake...My biggest achievement to date!
The sticks are brown sugar cookies, thanks pinterest.

our family
his shirt was from Happy Family - http://www.etsy.com/listing/91755061/kids-owl-t-shirt


  1. Everything is so cute and creative!! He's a lucky little guy!

  2. Thanks! I get a little crazy but I love it.

  3. You went ALL OUT! I really love the attention to details so, so much. I know I've said it before, but well done! And I love the hat tip to Diane. She would have gotten such a kick out of this.

    1. Thanks M! I sent a link to her Mom, she loved it. Makes me smile. :)