Monday, April 29, 2013

pinball cake

My good friend Gary was having a birthday and my only guidance was pinball theme. Oh, and margarita flavored (with booze, of course). 

I googled all kinds of pictures (& cakes) and then decided on a pinball machine cake.

I had leftover fondant from my son's cake so I used that for his decor. I went crazy because I knew he would like it and it's a pinball cake, pinball machines ARE crazy and over the top. The only non-fondant decor is the red balls (Gobstoppers). If I wanted to, I could've used Sixlets which would have been a better size but I didn't have the energy to go to a specialty store to get them.

The black writing is edible marker

Everyone loved it (& the fact it was a tasty boozy cake), so I consider it another success.

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