Monday, April 29, 2013

Spiderman cake

I had a request for a Spiderman cake for the same kid who had the Lightning McQueen cake last year. Of course I can't do anything small so I decided a bust was a good idea. Inspired by this cake. Let me just say, I need to start charging more money with all the hours I spend on these cakes. Pricing is tricky, since many cakes are bought by friends.

After many agonizing hours spent trying to fix the rice crispie head, I gave up & duct taped it. I am not sure what went wrong, I made the recipe dry & I let it dry for days. Anyhow, the final product looks amazing!

Easy part - carved & crumb coated 

Smoothed out buttercream

Gave up & taped it, on a giant pipe. I think this was at 10PM or so.

Ready for linework

I took a skewer & drew lines where I wanted to pipe the black in.

This might've been about midnight. Lines in, eyes to go on the next day.

Finished piece. Eyes and spider are gumpaste.

Final product looked amazing & once again, a learning experience! But if anyone knows how to make rice crispie pieces work, please let me know!

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