Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tiki cake

Our street party was a few weeks ago & it had a Hawaiian theme. Usually everyone makes a cake of their house but of course I wanted to wow them since I'm new here. I came up with the idea for an island cake, primarily so I could make the ocean a cupcake cake. I'm usually not a huge fan of those, but they are unheard of here. Also I figured mini (blue) cupcakes would be fun for the kids to pull off & eat.

Here's the final project:

Setting the scene:

I thought about what would make a thatched type tiki bar and came up with the genius idea of shredded wheat! I was cutting up those biscuits trying to find the right sizes (without breaking) in my kitchen til late. The sand is smashed malted milk cookies. I should say the end product was so pretty, everyone was afraid to cut it up.

The full visual. Surfboards are sour strips (mounted on cardboard so they would stay up). Tiki details are melted candy melts. The shark fins are marshmallows I painted with food color. The flowers are made from a candy called Winders (fruit rollups), I brushed edible glitter on them and added a white decor ball center.

The tea & cake table (impressive!):

Aloha! I got the chance to bust out my $1 vintage Hawaiian jumpsuit. This beauty used to be worn regularly when I lived in Los Angeles. Forgot I had it. Everyone loved it.

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