Sunday, October 6, 2013

treasure chest cake

My neighbor(u)r wanted me to do a cake for her her 5 year old Lois. Lois requested a pirate cake and not too girly so I made a treasure chest. We did it during a Playing Out session - which is when they close the street for 3 hours so kids can play, it's a fab idea. Her Mom wanted cupcakes as well since our street has so many kids.

I googled and Pinterested treasure chests and here's my final product. The only thing I really took away from my googling was the Curly Wurly as a metal type brace. Genius idea I think, and I sprayed it with gold food coloring spray.

I think I spent more time googling graphics for the cupcake picks and then fixing them in Photoshop so I could print them out.

I knew about this one a month out so I had time to search for stuff. At the .99 store I got candy necklaces, skull lollipops & the pirate candles. I got the pirate cupcake wrappers at Asda & the gold coins at Sainsbury's. The coins are white chocolate buttons sprayed with my gold spray (also from the .99 store, I love that place, it's £2.97 elsewhere).

I used (soft) gold dragees (also on offer for .99 at Aldi) for the studs on the chest and some weird blackjack aniseed taffy thing for the lock & hasp, which I sprayed gold. It faded which added to the effect.

Happy birthday girl & happy kids!

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